Friday, June 22, 2007

friday finds

we did find some great deals today while out! the best snag was the last one where it was $1 for a bag of clothes! I've got Katlyn a whole new wardrobe for fall/winter and even some summer stuff! most of it is name brand items too, she's finally got a new stash of jeans to wear (Mudd, Aero, etc) and she's wearing a size 3 in misses! I spent $2 on clothes for her and came out with like 5 pair of jeans and 10 tops! go me, go me!
while there, I also found a GREAT wooden train set for Hunter!! got it for $1 and it has 2 trains w/ magnetic cars, tons of track and bridges, trees, signage and other stuff with it. I'm going to save that for his bday next month. he was sneaking in my room and once even got into the box and said "look mom! I found the train!" little booger. hopefully he'll 'forget' and be surprised for his bday.

got K signed up for soccer this week. it was $55. *sigh* and that doesnt even include the shorts for their uniforms. the county needs to find a new place to get their stuff from! but anyway, her first practice will be probably july 9th and games will start about the 22nd. thankfully she can wear the cleats that C outgrew from last year, so she has shoes to play in.
the bad thing is that to do this, Robert told me to use his spending money since he was going out of town this week, we'll, they moved it back to thursday now he said tonight. that means he'll be needing more money to get through the week. dang it.

canaan had a good batting practice today. they were inside a building, so no need to worry about the heat! but he has a scrimmage tomorrow morning at 9 am. thankfully daddy is off work tomorrow (though works sunday) and he'll take him to that.

in cute Garrett news, tonight dh was hugging on me while sitting at the kitchen table and G comes up to pat daddy on the arm (he loves daddy!). so dh looks over and says "my momma!" G laughs and says "mama!" dh repeats "no, MY momma!" and G says (laughing) "mama!" repeat this a few times. so cute!

and I think he said "that" today a couple times. I'll have to keep an ear out on that one.

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