Sunday, June 17, 2007

we've had a good day. it was SO dang hot outside. these 90s are torture when you get no rain to help the ground and plants.
I'm not even letting the kids get on the slip n slide right now cause the 3 places where its been have just wiped the grass right out of the ground cause the stuff is so dry it has nothing to hold onto. so we've got big bald places in the yard, much less the crunchy grass that's high enough to tickle my knees. (ok, not really my knees, but it looks like it. ) even the clover is dieing now and the yard looks ugly.
we did play some air hockey today though (gavin beat me once and I beat C 3 or 4 times :-D )
G and I took a 2 hr nap this afternoon about lunch. he kept me up late and woke about 7:30 so I was tired. probably a repeat tonight I guess. :P

C had his first play off game and they won! 12-3! they'll play again on monday evening. I had to leave early cause it was just too hot to sit out there with G. even with our huge beach umbrella for shade it was awful. we left after dh arrived and I took the 3 youngest to walmart (K stayed at the park). we found dh 2 tees (one w/ his fav saying "nothing to prove") and I found me a pj set in pirate theme on clearance

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