Wednesday, June 06, 2007

so far...

ok, so far today:

Garrett slept til 6:30!
came to bed with me and we slept off and on til 8 or so.
boys have brought in all their dirty laundry (Lord help me).
have the first huge load in the washer about done.
folded clothes from the dryer.
K and I cleaned both litter boxes.
dishes are washing.
breakfast is eaten.
Garrett can stand up out of his high chair.
Garrett stole some PB crackers off the kitchen table as a snack.
Tom cat came up on the porch and tried to hurt the kitten.
Garrett is now looking for more crackers on the table.
K got a Birthday call from TRU.
K decided to have brownies today as a Bday treat (no cake since we'll
have it saturday)

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