Monday, June 25, 2007

monday shmunday

the kids and I are working on cleaning the house (ok, so my butt is sitting for a bit, but we have been ). kitty boxes changed, animals fed, clothes put up, dishes done, kitchen swept, trash out, toys picked up, half the bookcase put BACK on the bookcase, breakfast and all that good stuff.

still need to do our exercises (the kids and I are doing "Abs of Steel" in the mornings. :-D

I got a ton done on Garrett's first year picture video last night. I dont know how my mom does this stuff for a living.  my butt gets tired and my wrist starts flaring up some carpel tunnel after a while. I'm hoping it turns out well though. I've already got Hunter's done and I want to have them both done before August to burn off and give as gifts for the grandpas (who both have bdays then).
then I'd like to do one of dh and I to cover our 15 years together (14 married).
I'd like to have one of C and K, but I'm not about to do it from birth cause then I'd have to scan all the pics in. bleh! too lazy for that.  but I may do them one from the start of when I got a digital camera (2000) and go from there.

practice again today, I think at 6. I've already planned what we'll have for dinner (go me!) meatloaf, mashed taters, green beans, and mac and cheese. time for a good dinner around here!

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