Friday, April 20, 2007

how tall?

another neat thing, checking out babycenter/parentcenter growth predictor tools, it estimated the kids at the following at 18 years of age:

Canaan 6'4"
Katlyn 5'9"
Gavin 6'0"
Hunter 6'3"

and estimating Garrett to grow at Katlyn's height (since he seems to be following her growth most closely) it estimated him at 6'4" as well. course that's all a wait and see thing, but neat to think about. good thing I'm good at saving $ at the grocery store!!
and it also estimated Gavin, Katlyn and Canaan an inch taller than the last time I plugged in the numbers. Wonder if that's after a growth spurt or what.

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Bekki said...

Totally not related to anything..
1)how do you get your blinkies to actually blink on here? I never could with blogger
2)you are a GENIOUS! I changed the belt on my vaccuum and voila!!
Now to figure out how you save so much money at the grocery store!!