Wednesday, April 18, 2007

10 months

10 month recap of all my kiddos!

starting at the top
Canaan: 32 1/2", 26 lbs

Katlyn: 31 1/2", 22.7 lbs

Gavin: 32 3/4", 26.5 lbs

Hunter: 32", 25 lbs

Garrett: 31 3/4", 23 lbs

I think its neat to see that G is the lightest of all the boys so far. he's on the size scale of Katlyn, which is nice for my hip. LOL! plus he has her curly type hair, but more like Gavin's as his wasnt as curly as K's. he's also walking at 10 months which is what K did. I think that's cool. (not to mention they both had/have reflux issues and such).
and cant you tell from Hunter's pic that he was going to be a handfull?

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