Friday, April 06, 2007

another tooth

 he LOVES my Kirby!
 Garrett's not been feeling the best the past couple days. he had a low grade fever yesterday and got picky about his eating. he's been picky today as well, but no fever. he slept SO much yesterday and also slept well last night. he's got another tooth cutting in, the incisor beside his front left one. it should break skin this week, if not this weekend. no signs of other teeth, so he'll have 5 and look kinda lop-sided for a while.
 dh is off this weekend, which is nice. they're still doing a short practice in the morning (BRRR!!!) and sunday we'll go to my moms after church for a little family GTG and egg hunt for the kids. the cousins are coming as well plus some friends, so it'll be fun.

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