Tuesday, April 10, 2007

our team won! and other stuff too. :)

well, my boys team won their first game! 11-8, WTG! I got to stay til the bottom of the 3rd inning and then came on home. we (meaning me, Gavin, Hunter and Garrett) just hung out in the van cause I was parked next to the field and could see the score board and most of the field. little G napped for most of it and the other boys played with their spidey toys and we ate hot dogs that we brought. let them play around after g woke up. it was just too cold to get them out in it! our park sits right next to a creek so it gets crazy cold really quick in the afternoons.

a funny from today, well, not so funny, more goofy I suppose. I started vacuuming today and noticed my green light wasnt on (which meant the brush wasnt moving) so I flipped up the vac to see what was not going on. cleaned out the hair that was caught up in it and all that and brought the vac back up to standing position. well, when I did that, the upright part flipped up fast and clocked me upside the temple! made me see stars!!!  so now I've got a knot and a bruise on the side of my head.  can we say DUH?? LOL!

G has been pretty good today. I think he maybe wasnt getting enough attention cause its been so busy this past week.  so I made sure to give him extra attention today and he was great. hardly any screaming at all! *whew!*

I've got the pics uploaded, but its late now, so I'll post them in here tomorrow. or if you want to go peek, they're here at my flickr account.

and in other freaky news, my baby will be 10 months next week! wow! he did that fast!  I've changed my mind about him walking during his 9th month. he's gotten lazy on me. he will take a step between things and is getting braver with me playing with him to do it, but nah, I'll push it back a month now. he prefers being fast as a slick pig on his hands and knees. 


Kimmy Jones said...

The pictures are great. Like the new hair. I have wave too but I always straighten it out. Mine turns into a frow before too long. It's not a pretty frow either.

Mama Gina said...

you've got wave?? I had no idea! (shows how well you straighten it out I guess. LOL)