Wednesday, April 18, 2007

its going good today. had a full nights sleep and a full belly last night so all is right with the world.
mom had a good ol' country dinner last night: beans, taters, cornbread, tomatoes and mac-n-cheese. I eat waaaaaaaaaaay too much of that stuff when its fixed! she invited us over again tonight and it may be spaghetti cause I seen the meat thawed out in the fridge.

another nice warmish day out there, but its supposed to rain. *sniff* which is ok I guess. the trees/plants need it after that horrendous frost.

this morning I cleaned the boys room. that included vac'ing behind the toybox and everything. this calls for a "All hail the queen cause she's done an amazing thing!!" I'm telling ya, that room scares me! no telling what kind of critters hibernate in there! course now its cleaned up, so at least it looks better!

I'm working on doing a dvd movie of Hunter's birth. the windows program though is kinda fruity. next time I'll use another program for it. All I'm doing now is adding text in and I want to add music and it'll be done. it starts freezing after about an hour of work though. duh. at least it autosaves for me.

oh and I do have the 10 month stats for all the kids (I know your all so excited. ) will do that next!

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