Tuesday, April 03, 2007


 I should be getting ready here in just a bit. I'm going to see if K, H and Gavin can stay here with FIL while I take mom to the dr. he wont be going anywhere anyway and it'd make it a lot easier not to have to call H and G down in the dr office.  hopefully he'll agree. I think he's working on his big truck outside this morning. K can keep an eye on the boys for him.

C has an auction closing in about an hour. he is selling a game that came with his PSP, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories. its a rated M game that I wont let him touch!  so he's selling it and with that money can get something else. looks like it'll sell for about $10 (which is what a resell game store said they'd buy it for... well actually they said $9). so that's good. I think I'll give him some extra on it though cause he was hoping he'd make about $20 on it.

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