Monday, April 23, 2007


sitting in the quiet now. all the kids went down easy. after school we played outside for the longest time. they rode the 4wheeler, played some gameboys, rode bikes/skates, played in the water (new nozzle on the hose = too irresistible to pass up :-D ) and more. I got my maters watered and staked up (poor things were flopped over from the sun today) and moved a bunch of hostas from one flower bed that were getting choked out by ivy. also made a new place under my willow tree. put hostas under there, after putting down weed paper. will still need to put mulch on it soon! hopefully dh's check will be good enough that we can get a load of mulch this coming weekend. I have several places I need to fill!

got the house vac'ed this morning, but never did get to laundry, though the kids did get the dirty sheets off the beds. (still gotta do my own before I lay down).

it did rain through lunch time, but the rest of the day was nice. I'm actually hoping it rains out C's ballgame tomorrow so it can be pushed back so dh can be here for it. bad mommy, but with him being an assistant coach, he loves making the games. I love him being there too, it really helps C to have his dad cheer him on.

my mom and SD are heading to Gatlinburg on thursday for a long weekend. I'd love to go, but oh well. she's already looking forward to the perfume shops.

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