Thursday, April 19, 2007

fridge woes

we had an interesting lunch. went to make pizza for us when I realized
the pepperonis were thawed out! so upon closer inspection, the whole
freezer is thawed and the fridge is warm.
I freaked and called dh who calmed me down and we figured out who to
call. (remembered who FIL bought the fridge from) so I called the
service dept. thankfully they put a rush on fridges! he got here about 1:30.
before that the kids helped me rush anything salvagable out to the
fridge in the garage (thank you Lord we decided to keep that!) and
trashed all the leftovers and some stuff I knew needed tossed anyway.
I took the opportunity to clean the whole fridge. its as clean as it was
when it was brought over!
repair wasnt bad, $139.00. I can handle that, especially since he had to
replace 2 pieces. (fan had gone out which caused the compressor starter
to burn out).
letting it chill up now. it should be ready to restock when we get back
from town around 6:30.

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