Friday, April 13, 2007

yard sales are calling!

C didnt have his game tonight. they got rained out. he was sad of course. the next game is on monday. dh will be out of town though so that makes us all sad. :-(
dh is off tomorrow. he's going to take my van in to get the tires balanced.

got to do some yard sales today while in town! found some good deals of course. got Katlyn 3 new tops sooooooooo cute (and name brand) for $1.75. at another one, found an Incredibles ps2 game for $5 and was given two HUGE boxes of toys for $3!  :-D I offered for the first box cause it was loaded with kitchen stuff (play stuff) and I didnt want to dig through the box. I asked how much for the whole box and she said 'make an offer'. then she said 'just take all this stuff over here too!'  :-D we had a ball going through it all! I did sort it out though, one grocery bag went in the trash, one big bag is going to goodwill, one is going to the 'birthday grab bag' stash and all the rest the kids got (which was still a TON of stuff!). lots of Disney princess, Dora, kitchen stuff, happy meal toys and more.
then the last yard sale I finally found summer stuff for G! I spent $7.70 and got 3 pair shorts (camo print, grey sport and khaki), 2 pc Circo set, Army tee, Carters romper with fish bowl accent, Old Navy 2 pc set, Walmart 2 pc 'earth mover' set, Old Navy gray muscle tee, Childs place Olive short sleeve sweater, and for me I got a red long sleeve cotton Old Navy shirt with a hood. 8-)
It'll do him for a while and at least he has more than onesies and 2 rompers now. :-D

I took the kids to taco bell for lunch. I love going there! and G loves a bean burrito and fiesta taters!

oh! my mom said she's going to give me her diffuser! now I can fix up my hair all cool and sassy!

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