Sunday, April 01, 2007

I love Sundays

today was church and C gave a short lesson to his 'student drummer' before we came home. FIL treated us to lunch at Hardees (did I mention that he came in on Friday?) and dh, C and FIL had to leave out quick for ball practice at 2, which they were late for. the other kids and I stayed to finish up lunch and came home. little G took a nap in the van while the others went inside/outside to goof around. I stayed outside the rest of the afternoon.
I cleaned out the front flower bed (tomorrow C will need to help me get the mower/wagon out to clean up the mess I made  ), cleaned out 2 back flowerbeds and got the push mower out to mow around said flower beds and most of the trees in the yard plus a small back portion of yard behind the house. I ran out of gas before I was through and we didnt have any more. pooh.
Garrett played on the porch for a while, in the house with the siblings for a while and later I pushed him in the swing til he fell asleep and took another nap.
oh, I also cut down 2 small trees that sprung up in the yard since last year and I dont want growing where they were (one right next to the house and the other in the front flower bed, too close to the septic lines).
Hunter followed me around the yard for much of the day. the kids were all good today.

let's see... we did discover that
the new van gets about the same gas mileage as the caravan did! that's huge considering the size difference in the vehicles. I'm going to keep track of it for a while longer to get another estimate and eventually get a highway reading.

can I say how much I LOVE having the new van?? my gosh, I dont know how we did it in the other now! what's fabulous is that if I need to fix a seatbelt on a little one, or go check something out, I just walk back there, dont have to get in/out and crawl around the thing!  FIL keeps picking on me that I need to get my CDL's.  (those are license for large trucks/semis/buses for those who dont know LOL). I like for G's side that if the sun's in his eyes, we just pull the shade down. the shades pulled down also keep it cool during the day! yeah, I'm liking it!!

I won these on ebay today:

with Stacy talking about
robeez and such, I wanted to try a pair. I couldn't afford the real thing, so these are some knock-offs made from Disney store. I got them for $5 including s/h.  that's my price! LOL! I hope G likes them cause he HATES his tenni shoes and his little feet get sweaty! :P hopefully the leather will be good to him. if he does do well with them, I'll keep my eye out for more!

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