Friday, April 20, 2007


so this morning we got up and H was running a low grade fever. little red cheeks and all. he's gotten tylenol, lots of juice and plenty of laziness today and he's feeling much better tonight.

check it out Mel!
we hit yard sales this morning and I got a gold mine! the first yard sale I racked up on clothes for G and H and a couple extras. for $12.50 I got
7 shirts
3 pjs
5 pair of jeans
1 pair of camo denim shorts
1 shirt for K
pair of cowboy boots for Gav
FP bubble blowing lawn mower
a whole bucket full of View Master slides and 2 View Masters

at the cosignment store, she was having a $2 bag sale, so stuffing 2 bags I got:
3 shirts for the boys
2 jeans for the boys
3 shirts for G (2T-3T for fall/winter)
1 pr 3T fleece zip up pjs for G
1 romper for G
2 pr pants for G (2T)
bikini for K (so she can use the top)
4 shirts for K
2 pr jeans for K
pair of knee high black boots for me
1 long black skirt for me
1 pr pants for me
3 shirts for me
1 dress for me
1 sprinkler for the kids
1 small backpack K picked out

I think that's it.  yeah buddy, I'm happy!!

plus I saved $43 at the store and my grocery bill was $60. still need to go to walmart and get a few items, but didnt want to go today.

after we got home and all the stuff was put up, we let G get outside in the jumperoo. he was so happy after a day of riding around! he did eventually fill his pants and all that ended up outside the diaper pretty much. even his shoes are tossed in the wash! stinky boy! I even had to change clothes cause he got all over me!

the best news is DH got home tonight in plenty of time for the game! he took C to the park early after dinner to get in more practice. mamaw and papaw went to the park to cheer him on as well. me and the other kids are staying here of course. they wont be done til about 10pm so way too cold to have the kids, especially Garrett and Hunter out in it.

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