Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter! and my new hair!

egg hunting over at mamaw and papaws! (click the pics to make them larger)

from yesterday morning the boys playing.

ok, and drumroll please!
this morning before going to see Tammy. I should have gotten a pic out in the sun. it was

and today. WHEW!!!

it'll lighten up a bit, but I'm very happy! the wave is all mine! didnt know I had that much!


Anonymous said...

The hair looks good, like the color.

Bekki said...

Gosh Gina..you are GORGEOUS!! I love the hair!! Why can't I look as good as you after 5 kids?? BOO HISS!!! MUST LOSE THIS WEIGHT!!
OK, that belongs in my blog!! LOL

Mama Gina said...

aw Bek, you're silly! LOL! you are beautiful!! and notice I dont show the bottom half. LOL!