Thursday, April 12, 2007

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I'll be hitting the hay in just a minute. so tired. I feel like a bit of a sore throat is trying to sneak up on me. bleh!
it's been a good day, except the issues of getting C to get school done and not goofing off.  >:o I'm doing new rules as of today. we'll see how those stand with him. time to let evil-mommy come out again. *grrrrrrrrr*

G has been very grouchy today. every time he sees me he cries to get me to pick him up.  :-( he's had poop issues today though. not stopped up, its come out way too much today. started out normal, but 5 or 6 poops later and its a mess. his little butt was red by afternoon and getting diaper cream on him is a FIGHT and he's a strong little booger!! he can push me away from the change table with no problem, even better when I'm trying to hold a leg down so I can get stuff in all the nooks and crannies! I hope it looks better tomorrow.

I took the kids to mcds during C's practice today. mainly to play on the play area, but it was wet from the rain so we didnt stay out there long. the kids fussed about wanting food (of course) so I got a few burgers to munch on. ended up getting free ice cream for everyone cause they took over 10 minutes to get our food to us. and we were the only ones in line with food! the only other customers were 2 kids getting blizzard thingys! sheesh! I asked for the ice cream when they finally brought our burgers. the kids loved that! I got pics I'll try to post tomorrow too. G loved it as well. :-D

fixed talapia for dinner  :-) and I'm still stuffed.

I think dh is going out of town next week to work for Boeing.  :-( will know more later.

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