Monday, June 30, 2008

 we got good news on the WComp! what they send weekly will be like him making a few hours OT, so we'll be able to stay on top of things! the bad news is that the first check wont be here til about tuesday next week. I think we have about $40 for the week, which wouldnt be bad if we didnt need to go anywhere, KWIM? hopefully we can do most trips in the Escape since it gets better mileage and we'll get thru the rest of the week.
waiting to hear back from the car loan and house loan on whether they have disability on the loans.
oh, in other good news, we got our letter about our stimulus check today! it'll be here soon! maybe it'll be here tomorrow and take care of this week.

in other things, I'm PP shedding like crazy. figure the shower drain will clog soon. *blush*

weighed Sarina the other day and I think she's about 10.10 lbs now :)

G is still working on pt'ing. we had a couple days where he just stuck to diapers again, but we're back to trying now. I'm glad I'm almost done w/ pt'ing totally. LOL

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