Sunday, June 08, 2008

 so trying to catch up a bit (boy, I'm so far behind-sorry for that ya'll!)
Garrett was sick all day yesterday. seriously sick. he was throwing up anything he put in and squirting out anything else. no to a very low grade fever was all he had sometimes, and if you went by how he was acting, you'd have never thought he was sick! into everything, even trouble, but his poor system was wreaking havoc on him.

after my mom brought him home, he didn't eat (he didn't ask for anything either). I eventually let him have some very watered down juice (about half a cup) and he kept that down. about an hour later he got the runs which really kinda scared me cause it was reddish colored (blood?!) so I called my mom and she came back over. he had fallen asleep but woke when she got there and he got sick again while she was holding him.
she said the pooh color was likely from the juice I'd given him since it was going straight through him.

it stayed that way the next 3 times he went (the amount he squirted increasingly less each time). his behavior never changed, full of energy all day. never got sick again either. he slept great last night as well. still had a low fever this morn, so he stayed home w/ dh. he's eating now (though not as much as normal) but will drink all he can.
we did let him eat all the ice chips he wanted yesterday.
today he seems fine. the runs are gone and so is the fever. weird stuff!

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