Tuesday, June 24, 2008


 I'm craving a burger today. :P
in upsetting news, I think thrush has creeped back in. this stuff makes our nursing SO hard cause S does not want to nurse when this stuff is bothering her. she screams a lot when hungry and trying to nurse and I end up w/ a little pumping or a bottle of formula. we do not have the easiest nursing relationship, its a constant workout it seems.
not to mention at my age I dont make an over abundant supply. I even asked the ped about it cause it just seemed like I dont have as much this time. she said its common for women who are older and have nursed a lot of babes to not make as much milk later. figures-2 strikes (counting the thrush)
at this rate, I dont see us going as long as I hoped. at least she still nurses well at night for me.

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