Thursday, June 26, 2008

 dh is on his way home, the guy he carpooled w/ picked him up at the hospital, I figure he'll be home anytime. he's in an immobility splint (?) for the weekend to help the swelling go down and monday he goes to see the dr again to get a date for surgery. yep, not anything that will heal on its own, but is at least fixable. the dr told him that when he injured it originally a few weeks ago was the starting point and he caught it just right today and it snapped (broke?). he said there's a big space at the top of his leg where the muscles join before the knee bends. messed up.
he also has to go back to nashville tomorrow for more testing for workmans comp. he's also being stubborn and saying he'll drive himself. anyone that knows robert personally knows how typical this is. lol
my mom said she can drive him tho (I've got a ton of paperwork/leg work to do as well, before 3pm when C meets up w/ his team to go to their first game). it'll be a busy day/weekend.

all this is still processing. I'm very glad he got a good check this week to help out.

thank you all again for your prayers!

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Erica said...

oh my! Lots of prayers!! I hope DH has a sturdy and good healing.