Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2nd bday and 2m check

ok, 2 yr stats of the older kids

Canaan 34.5 lbs, 36.5"
Katlyn 32 lbs, 36"
Gavin 31.5 lbs, 35"
Hunter 33 lbs, 37"
Garrett 30 lbs, 35"
(these are funny to me because Gavin was such a porker before, then thinned down and Hunter was a runt and porked up )

2 month stats for all the kids
Canaan 16.5 lbs, 26", HC 17"
Katlyn 12.9 lbs, 24", HC 16"
Gavin 13.2 lbs, 24.25"
Hunter 11.13 lbs, 24", HC 16 1/8"
Garrett 13.4 lbs, 24.5", HC 16"
Sarina 10 lbs, 23", HC 15.25"
 Sarina has to wear a size 1 dipe to bed now or she floods out by morning.
she's the first baby to wear her clothes so much that we're wearing out her NB stuff! (I'm actually getting bored of seeing the same stuff) good thing I can put her in the bigger stuff for length at least!
her hair actually stands up like you see in the pics naturally. she doesnt have a double crown, but it swirls up like that. hehe!
cant get over sometimes that little G is 2 already (though he certainly acts like he's two!).
yesterday was a good day, although I never got time to fix his cake or fix a dinner for him as I'd planned. it'll be done today though.
we left out around 11 yesterday for the peds appt. boy, its always fun taking ALL the kids to the pediatrician. we got it done though without too many glitches.
got the two youngest stats though! (amazing I remember that LOL)
Sarina is weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs now! 23" long and head is 15 1/4" (she's finally Canaan's birth size).
Garrett is 35" and 30lbs (though he feels like 40 LOL!)
I thought he'd get shots yesterday, but they put them off til age 4 now. (kinda aggravates me cause I'd not have asked for a well check if I'd known that).
Sarina did get 3 shots and a liquid though. poor little girl. her legs were so sore last night. she's doing good as of bed time and today though. the swelling is gone and she doesnt cry when her legs are touched anymore. made me feel so bad. *sniff*
Katlyn also got her boosters she needed for school this year (she still complains about them LOL)
and I found that gavin hasnt had the chicken pox vacc. even if I opted not to get it when he was one, why has no one asked about it since? so he'll probably have to get those before starting school or something. :P

took the kids to McDs after getting back. amazing when I can feed everyone for $9 (though Garrett and I shared a burger, so I only half ate)

back home had to feed Sarina and when dh got home, we went in town for the end of the tournament and the awards ceremony. C got a 12yo trophy and an All-Star trophy since he was chosen for the All-Star team again.
we got home about 9 last night. Sonic burgers for dinner.

today, K has gone with her friend Dana and her grandpa to
Beech Bend for some fun and C has gone up to his g/f to visit for a couple hours.
I'm going to make Garrett's cake here in a bit and work on the house again.

oh, did get Garrett a Magna Doodle for his bday. he really likes it too!

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