Saturday, June 07, 2008

 my dad came up yesterday to spend time with us (poor thing had to go to Wal-Mart to grocery shop with us LOL). he took us to zaxby's for K's bday lunch and my mom joined us. it was wild with all the kids cause they were all excited to see papa and were ALL trying to sit by him. LOL! crazy stuff!
Wal-Mart was veeeeeeery interesting. much more calm when its just the kids and I. LOL! one of the entertaining parts was Garrett opening a bottle of syrup to drink!!!
so K got for her birthday a bratz jewelry box and pc game from daddy and I, a $75 GC from papa, plus the $ to sign up for soccer this year. mamaw and papaw are also getting her a GC (it'll be going to get new school clothes she needs). and her friend Dana came to spend the night and brought her a gift, but I don't know what it is since they disappeared into K's room all night. :D
Garrett stayed with my mom last night (since he still sleeps in K's room, that way the girls could have the room to themselves).
C had a game last night and they won again. he only has one more regular season game on Tuesday then its the playoffs, then the all stars.
papa also gave us the $ to sign K and Gavin up for soccer this year! signups go through the end of the month, so soccer will start up next month for them. its going to be sooooooooo busy! (and HOT!) boy oh boy.

gotta go in town today to take the recyclables in and then need to make K's cake. we'll be having pizza for lunch. :)

got some pics from yesterday to post next...

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