Tuesday, June 03, 2008

thanks for all the hugs and prayers ladies! gavin is pretty puffy today, but is feeling good overall. he's not asked tylenol today, and is playing almost normally. he's not allowed to get water in his eyes for 2 weeks and the same for other stuff. no playing in dirt, pools, horseplay, etc. he'll be bored, but oh well. I'd rather he be bored than risk an infection!
he gets eye meds twice a day for now and we go back on the 10th for his post op.
this is expected to be his last surgery til he's maybe my age or older. and that one isnt guaranteed, this may be it, which I pray it is!
got pics from today, but they have to be loaded.

today Sarina is 9.2 lbs, moving on up! and once a-freaking-gain, we are dealing with thrush! I noticed it last night and I think thats why she slept like crap sunday night, cause after starting meds again, she slept great last night, like normal. I called in a script for diflucan today to try that while we keep her meds going. I just dont know what else to do, this is crazy!

K's bday party is this weekend. my big girl is turning 11! it'll be very low-key compared to last year tho. for G's party on the 17th, thinking we'll just have pizza and cake here.

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