Wednesday, June 25, 2008

 just put G down for a nap, pt'ing is not going so well today. :P
S is napping too, put her in my bed to see how she naps there for me.
got my refill of diflucan called in yesterday afternoon so the next time I'm in town I'll pick that up. already started the genisan violet (sp?!) for both of us. I know my right bb has thrush cause its tender, started last night. hate that! S has nursed today, not without fussing though. she slept well last night, sleeping til 3:30 then til 5. but I couldnt go back to sleep after the 3:30 wake up. so I'm quite tired today.

I'm making a PB bread recipe right now in the bread machine. I'm just doing the dough and will take it out to rise (hoping it does!) to see if we get a better loaf this time.

C's team won their scrimmage last night 15-6, so they got out of practice this morning.
got some cute pics again (thought of posting one of G butt naked, but decided not)
I made a new sling for S this past week (first time to get to my sewing machine since before she was born!) not sure what you call this material, but its lightweight like the solarveil stuff I've seen other ladies use.  she was quite content yesterday in it

then today with K's baby dolls. (got the idea from Theresa) the first baby doll is a 'newborn' size and the second is a '3 month size' LMBO!

 ignore the purple all over her. :P (oh, K dug out one of her preemie shirts to put on her today LOL!)

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