Wednesday, June 11, 2008

 had a pretty good afternoon after a total meltdown this morning at the kids. took C to ball camp then hung in town the 2 hours we waited. got gas, went to BK to use a B1G1 whopper coupon, then to Sonic to get 2 free kid meals (bday club!) and bought one extra to share between the boys. turns out they brought us an extra one, so everyone got their own meal!
then went to the new Family Video in town and got some awesome deals on movies! we got um...I think 10 movies (?) for $3.50!!! the kids were super excited about that (as was I, cheap entertainment!). then to the bank for FIL again and then to pick up C. he had fun today, they were doing batting practice.

G has been such a handfull today. I know he learns from the other kids (and Hunter is quite a teacher on being a booger) but man oh man! I'll be very glad when he's out of this screaming stage. it drives me bonkers!!!

did finally get S's one month pic up on the wall with the others, still other redoing I'd like to get done, just need the room for it. :P

kids go to VBS in about 45 minutes! and G is going too since he did so well last night. it'll be nice and quiet for 2.5 hours!! (yes, I'm super excited)

ok, gotta get a load of boys laundry started

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Anonymous said...

You sound like me, getting excited about 2.5 hours of quiet time! lol These days I am happy if I get 30 minutes. It's summer.