Thursday, June 26, 2008

ISO: prayers

need some big prayers today.
talked to dh at lunch and he basically broke his knee today. he cant walk and is at the hospital right now finding out the extent of the damage. he of course is the sole income and we're already dealing w/ unpaid bills cause $ was so short the past few months.
I guess the only good part is that it'll fall under workman's comp, so that'll be a bit of income and I'm going tomorrow to make the house payment (for June). I'm just a bit (like a whole lot) freaked out and praying hard that things will be ok.
we do have accident ins (not for cars, for injury) so that will also help. I'll be making those calls tomorrow plus stopping in to see about food assistance. I hate it, but theres only so many weeks you can feed a family of 8 for about $50 like I've been doing lately.
I hate talking all this stuff but I've broken down a few times today thinking about all this.
I'm waiting for dh to call me back w/ news. right now I dont know if he'll have to stay overnight or what.
my mom has assured me she's here to help however she can. dont know what I'd do w/o that!
... guess I'll journal hop while S finishes nursing.

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Karen said...

Know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything works out ok for you guys. I wish I could offer help, but we aren't in the best situation lately as it is. The husband driving to Franklin to work everyday with these gas prices has taken up everything we have. Hang in there!