Tuesday, July 01, 2008

no stimulus check today. *pout* but hopefully it'll be here at some point this week... I can be positive, right?

and I likely wont be on during the first part of the day much for now. I was on *trying* to upload pics this morning when the comp lady called about an appt for dh, so I got the info and gave it to him and we've not been able to get back hold of her all day! it all goes to voicemail. its really aggravating too! dh even gave her his cell # yesterday but she never called that. so we'll have to wait for her to call in the morning or TRY calling her again so he can get that appt set up! (its for July 9th) and I told him when he talks to her again to tell her to call his cell cause he always has it on him and it has call waiting in case he's on the phone (our land line doesnt, just have that callwave thing).
so maybe he'll get to see the dr next week. hopefully the two appts she had arent filled up by the time we get to talk to her again. :P
dh fell this morning. he was getting up this morning and his foot slipped out from under him and down he went. scared the CRAP out of me! poor Gavin was scared too cause he was there helping him by handing him his crutches. he hurt his finger a little, but I believe it was mostly pride that was injured. still freaked me out though cause its like seeing how much he cant do when he's always been able to do. :(

I got in town to get some diapers, sugar and alcohol this afternoon. had to buy a 10 lb bag of sugar since dh is here, we're going through a LOT more tea than usual. (2-3 gallons a day). while out, I stopped at captain d's to borrow the wifi, but it wouldnt let me do any post-data so I couldnt upload pics or post here. lot of good it did me. :P but Sarina and I had some quiet time cause it was past the lunch rush.

got pics to share, need to get a new one of dh's knee, its all yellowing up from the bruising. the bruising goes from about 6" below his knee to half way up his thigh and bands around the back. ugly looking. LOL

oh, and can I say that the daily routine of the kids and I will be totally disrupted the whole time daddy's home?  awful to say yes, but nothing will go like normal weekday time for now. LOL!
there are good things though, with soccer starting up, dh will be able to stay here with Hunter and Garrett while I do the soccer running! I was worried before over who would watch them (especially Garrett), but now I have a built in babysitter! LMBO!

also thinking we'll be doing Hunter's bday cake and stuff, maybe Monday next week. with C's team going to district, C and dh will be gone almost all this coming weekend for that. and since dh wont be going anywhere else after that, he'll be stuck at home so we can do cake and stuff during the day! he's not told me what kind of cake to decorate, but he's really into spiderman and hulk still, so I may do that... hmm... never done a hulk cake before, that could be fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you guys. I hope DH is feeling better soon.

Erica said...

I'm glad things are working out. A hubby on crutches is horrible. I'm glad Robert didn't get hurt falling.