Monday, December 17, 2007

we have frost on the ground this morning again. I know, not 7" of snow, but the kids think its cool.
yesterday was fine, church in the AM, they had the Christmas program too, which is always nice.  C and K ended up going home with friends so they could go back last night for the youth Christmas pizza party, so it was pretty quiet yesterday afternoon.
we took the boys to have chinese food for lunch (I could have gone for something cheaper, but dh wanted 'big' food). we did end up eating with my parents though cause they seen the little ford sitting out in the parking lot, so that was nice.
after we got home it was laziness abounding!  baby finally took a nap and the boys played games, dh and I watched football games while I knitted.
G came up sick yesterday. seems its hitting him the same way it did K cause he's got a fever and little runny nose.  he slept fine all night, woke up a bit once, but went back to sleep. he's still resting now, though I know he's hot with fever. I'll wait til he wakes up to dose him up again. I think it'll be a clingy day here, which is fine of course.
Gavin might be the next one, he's got a little cough and he's sniffing some.
no plans on going anywhere today or any other day til maybe wednesday for story hour. C's last day of school is wednesday til Jan. 2nd, so he's excited about this week. I think I'll go a bit nutso with them all home again for 2 weeks!
how did I do this before he was sent to school??? LMBO course his picking is one reason why he was sent to public anyway. loves to cause chaos with his sibs and that drives me bonkers. big stinker.
I do have to call a fridge repair person today. our inside fridge has a leak somewhere and dh cant find it. we keep finding a small amount of water standing by the fridge under the trash can. at first we thought it was melted ice since the kids love getting ice out, but it comes and goes without the ice being used. dh got under it last weekend, but couldnt find anything, so gotta call the fixers!

my little sick boogie is up now.

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