Monday, December 10, 2007

boring day. cleaned the house, mostly the kitchen. swept, mopped, scrubbed the floors (got all the little black marks off from some certain kids boots) all the cereal bars up from G, cleaned off the fronts of all cabinets and appliances (amazing how much stuff gets on the front of a pantry or fridge :P ). got a couple or so loads of laundry washed and a couple actually folded.
stuck my return labels on my cards and sealed up a couple of packages that'll go out with cards
K vacuumed for me tonight. I did vac part of the kitchen wall. I have a wall hanging thing that holds some pans and DANG it was dusty!!
dinner was papa johns pizza. had to go in town to take a kids movie back I realized was due today so got pizza while there. bad me!

I've got about half of K's scarf done today. she's eager for it to be done so she can play with the fuzz.

tomorrow I've gotta make some lemon bars (my first time!) and some finger foods to take to the homeschool meeting. hopefully dh will get home in time to go with me. its much better when I have him there to help wrangle the young uns.
C wants to opt out of going to the meeting to go to a chorus program at the library auditorium tomorrow. he'll know a couple people singing in it. we'll see on that though.

guess I should get my butt in the bed. seems the night slips away from me anymore!

OH, super cute thing G is doing though. if he's tired, I'll ask "do you want to go to bed?" and he'll take off running to K's door and try to get in (he cant turn a door knob yet, thank goodness, but he's close). so I pick him up and take him to bed where he rolls over, grabs K's stuffed kitty he likes sleeping with and goes to sleep! he also did that at nap time today and I didnt hear a peep out of him for 2 hours. love that!
now of course I'm wondering how he'll do once we have him a toddler bed to sleep in. 

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