Thursday, December 13, 2007

school woes and starting the day.. over?

good night and all that. C woke up again with a sore throat and stuffy nose. he cracks me up though cause he'll go gargling some water and hacking then singing to see if his voice is back. silly kid.
of course I didnt get to sleep in today, again. he woke me up to ask for more lunch money. I swear I dont know where this kid puts it! I gave him $5 on monday for this weeks lunch (he only pays .40 for lunch and .30 for breakfast if he wants it) but I swear he goes and gets all kinds of extra stuff during lunch. if he gets extra stuff he pays regular price for it. now I dont want him to go hungry, but usually his extra is to buy a bottled water which is $1. Now I offered and DID buy gatorades and flavored water to keep here at home so he can take with him to save lunch money, but does he EVER take those? no! gets on my last nerve. so its time for another talk about $ responsibility I see.
then to top things off, the bus lady came the opposite way today. normally, he can sit here at the puter and watch out the window and see the bus coming down the road and head out in plenty of time to catch her. if she comes the other way though, he's not looking out that side of the house. so he's sitting here and hears the bus outside and breaks into an olympic run to get out of the house and down the drive. of course he missed her (she didnt wait or honk or anything!) so he comes back in the house and is CRYING cause he missed the bus. (now, I'm sorry this sounds awful, but WTH? LOL!) so he's all upset and saying 'you gotta take me to school cause I missed the bus! *sniff sniff*' and I'm like, well, fine, but I'm not jumping out of bed right now (it was 7:00) to take you. school doesnt start til 8. which totally upsets him. *sigh* so I ask, 'what time do you usually get to school on the bus?' to which he says 'I dont know! I dont wear a watch.' (totally his fault and he did used to wear one at the beginning of school AND he cant tell me he doesnt know the approximate time he gets there). so I ask again and he says 'well maybe about 7:30 or 7:45' ok. sounds good. so he heads out to pout some more and I get up to put on some pj pants (yep, I was going to be one of THOSE moms who wear her pjs into town!). as I go to the kitchen I tell him he better chill out and calm down and clean his face up (he's STILL upset!) and K is asking why he's crying. I told him, I could see being upset cause you were left AT school, but cause you missed the bus??? its not like I'm not going to take you! sheesh! I think he finally realized how silly he was being about it.
well, while I was brushing my hair, K hollered out that the bus was coming up the road and C bolted outside to catch it. seems maybe the kids on the far side of the route werent goign to be on today? so she made two trips down this road. oh well.
what a start to the day.

K and Gavin were up by then of course with all the commotion, but I was able to paci Garret about 6:30 and he slept on til 8. when he got up he was good for about 20 minutes, then he got his eye on the couch blanket that Hunter was cuddled under on the couch and decided it was going to be HIS. he tossed the awfullest fit about having that blanket.  so I took him and we got one of his big blankets out of his bed and I sat him on daddy's chair with the blanket. that lasted about 5 minutes and he was back to arguing for Hunter's! gah!! he was a BIG pain for a good 30 minutes cause of that and ended up getting in trouble and had to sit on the couch without trying to get down for a minute. he did finally concede when H got up and left the blanket and G got it. good grief.
I refuse to let the rest of the day go like its started!

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