Sunday, December 23, 2007

FIL got in last night about 9:30. he'll be here til wednesday evening. dh goes back to work wednesday too. so dh and FIL are out shopping today. I *think* they may be picking me out a new stove! FIL just called a bit ago and asked which one I'd been drooling over ( ). it's a flat top range if so. I told him if they did get me one, not to tell me the price cause I'd be telling them to take it back! I'm way to cheap. LOL!
I've wanted a flat top range as long as I've had my own place to live in. so we'll see!

I'm doing much better today congestion wise. I'm talking and all that and slept pretty decent last night. just up twice and once had to sit up and wait to suck on a Halls to help my throat. so just a lot of nose blowing today going on really.

oh, forgot to tell that when I was out friday, I stopped in the consignment store to pay on the crib and a lady and her kid came in. the clerk asked her if she felt ok (she knew her) and the lady said 'no, I feel like crap. I've got the flu."  so I avoid her like the plague and quickly get out of there! WTH is she doing going out to shop with the flu??? geez!
and then while at the grocery store, the clerk asked if I was having a Christmas baby!  I said 'noooooo, I'm going til April." to which she of course asked if I was having twins.  gee, thanks toots.

and speaking of baby things, my pg tracker thingy says I'm in my 6th month now. wow! makes me feel better with how big I feel. LOL.

I'm starting on a new baby sweater, wanted to try something a bit more complicated. we'll see how it turns out.

gotta go. G needs to take a nap and I just needed to take a break from all the up I've done today.

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