Saturday, December 29, 2007

3 little ones are in bed, other two going soon. I've gotta wash my hair tonight, its yucky. :-P
I'm irked though cause my left wrist is hurting so much. yesterday it was doing good, but today, even after sleepign with the brace it hurts. I cant use it for any kind of weight at all. WTH? its not carpal tunnel stuff either, its the tendon on top of my wrist that hurts. it feels like I've overstretched it or something. I've had to catch myself a couple times today with my hand and dang if it doenst hurt bad and it gives out on me. I cant knit very well cause the brace just gets in teh way, plus I cant twist my wrist much. I cant use it to help pick up G either cause it gives out so I have to use my arm under his arm to lift him. ergh!!! gets on my nerves! (plus my typing is screwed up so I keep having to go back and fix stuff LOL).

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