Sunday, December 02, 2007

the ballet

K and I had a really good night last night. it was really fun to watch
her get all excited when she finally found out where we were going. we
got there about 6, but they didnt open the doors til 6:30. she kept
saying "arent they going to let us IN??" LOL!
I tell you what, she's a terrible talker though! All through the show it
was "why are they doing that, why arent they wearing ballet shoes, those
guys sure do look funny in tights!, what's wrong with her costume?..."
she was still happy about it though. I asked afterwards if she'd go to
another ballet and she happily said yes, so that's all that matters, huh?
we were worried at first that she'd have a problem seeing. we were
pretty far in the back adn she had to look over the adults in front of
her. luckily she's 5' tall, so it wasnt so bad. there were much smaller
kids around us who had to sit in their parents laps to be able to see.
(good thing K didnt need to do that, 95lbs is NOT sitting in my lap! LOL).
I do have a few pics to share, but my pictures folder doesnt want to
open right now til I reboot so I'll have to do it later. no pics of the
actual ballet, I got a few short video pieces though.
we stopped at Arbys afterwards for a meal and I should have just gotten
a kids meal. cant believe I forgot to think of that. I got a beef and
cheddar and man, had to let K finish half my fries and didnt eat some of
my bread cause it as too much.

daddy survived with the boys at home. just some minor things that could
have happened while I was here too.

I started working on the booties to go with baby girls crocheted dress
yesterday. I'm just using a pink color that goes with the pink camo the
dress is. I *may* try to make a hat for it as well, not sure yet, we'll
see when I get these booties done. LOL!

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