Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the homeschool meeting ended up being canceled tonight. too many families were out of town and stuff so no sense of bringing just a couple families in. oh well. we ate the sandwiches and I got to nibble on lemon bars. quick and easy dinner! (dh also had soup).
Canaan wanted to go to a Christmas Chorus thing they were having at the auditorium tonight, so we let him go to that. K wanted to go at first, but with all the pouting and "I dont want to have to look after her" that Canaan did, she changed her mind. of course C was then saying "I want her to go!" but the damage was already done. I told him a person can only take so much "I dont want you there" and he needed to think ahead before he gets his attitudes.
kids were kinda wild tonight, dont know what was up their butts. bedtime was cute though, G seen that daddy had left the bedroom door open while checking his alarm, so he ran in real quick and hopped up on the bed and laid down like daddy. course he was quickly bouncing around on the waterbed and having a good time. LOL! all the kids came in to give kisses and G leans his head in to give daddy his cheek for a smooch too. I think that's so cute! he no longer gives kisses, but he'll tilt his head in so you can kiss him... time and time again! LOL!
he was ready for bed too once I got him out of the bedroom. told him I had his sucker (paci) and he ran to get that, plopped it in his mouth, then ran to K's room. LOL!

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