Thursday, December 20, 2007


its hard to be cheerful when two people who I've been going through this
pg with have just lost their babies over this last week. both due to
genetic abnormalities that would have prevented them from surviving the
pregnancies, but still...
one I only knew vaguely through my OL group, but the other has been an
OL friend of mine since we both had our earlier babies (Garrett) within
the same 2 month pg group, so over 2 years now. She just lost her baby
girl on Tuesday night.
it breaks my heart like crazy.
my friend hadn't had an ultrasound (by choice) so didn't realize
anything was wrong, but the other had and knew it was coming.
I think I would want to know of something imminent like that. some kind
of way to prepare at least. not that much can prepare you for losing a
child, no matter if its before they're born.
It makes me so thankful to know I've seen baby Faith and as far as we
know, things are fine. I know nothing can guarantee any future, but I've
done what I can to 'know'. as she's wiggles and squirmed inside me
today, I tell her in my heart that I'm so thankful to know she's
healthy and with me.
I really dont know how I would handle losing a baby this far along. :_(
I'm just so heartbroken for my friends.

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