Tuesday, December 18, 2007

it was a good night, though I was tired at 10 (of course didnt get my butt to bed til after 11) had to take a half dose of nyquil to help me sleep cause I've gotten congested.  lathered some vicks on me and Garrett (he also got a dose of benedryl since he's been doing the runny nose/sneezing thing) and sleep was pretty good. really good for him, he slept til about 8:30 this morning and I was up at 8.
I set up the other humidifier in our room this morning. dh asked me too cause he's been getting dried out and I've also had some bloody noses from the dry air. :P we already have one set up in the living room, but man, last I checked the humidity was down to 40% in the house and that's dry for here!
feeling better than I did last night though. I was getting queasy whenever I stood up there later in the evening and during the night.

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