Monday, December 31, 2007

the appt went just fine. didnt have to wait hardly 10 minutes so that was great! they said I gained 7 this month (remember I didnt gain any last month) but my scales only read 4. though I did stop for a biscuit/DP before going. oh well. they say a 19 lb gain so far, I say 16. BP was 123/56 and my HR was 85.
seen the female dr today. she's nice, just brisk. seriously she was good to be in the room 5 minutes. maybe not even that. 
I'm measuring 24cm and am 24 weeks so right on track! *whew* I love it when things measure right. :-)

I got my orders for the GTT and could have done it today if I'd not had breakfast, so I'll do it the next time after my appt. no biggie. anyway, she asked if I'd been feeling baby move plenty lately and I said yes and told her she'd been having quite a few hiccups as well (good stuff) so she had me lay down to hear the h/b. she put the doppler on my right side and we could hear her, just really low, so she said, let's check the other side to get a better listen. when she did that, she obviously got in the wrong territory cause Sarina kicked back twice. the dr laughed and said 'well someone is definitely wiggling around in there!' too cute! I told her she was getting territorial now.

dh has gotten all the Cmas lights down outside, I've gotten all the ornaments off the tree and all the decor put up. still need to do the tree and lights then start on the food for tonight. I'm just kinda pooped. :P

I hope everyone has a wonderful NYE and NYD!!! be safe my friends!!

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