Thursday, December 13, 2007


baby girl is wide awake tonight!
and I've been thinking about names and have come to the conclusion that of all the names I've been over (the whole dang name book, the name wizard site and the Nymbler name finder...) nothing else sounds good to me. nothing. sure there's a few things that I think are nicer than others, but not really to name my daughter.
the name that sticks with me is Serena (Sarina?) Faith Angelina S.
there are two meanings to the two spellings of serena as well. the first, Serena=serene; calm. the other, Sarina is a form of Sarah (my neice is named Sarah)= princess. I like both though I'm more used to using the Serena form.
so I dont know. I think its going to be hard for me to think of this girl as someone other than a Serena (Sarina) Faith.
My mom doesnt like the name Serena, she wants a name of Mary, but looking it up, Mary=bitter; bitter sea. I wont use a name if I dont like the meaning, sorry. so that one is scratched off my list totally. sorry mom!
I guess I could just call baby girl Faith for now. I do plan on using that as a name, no matter what dh comes up with as suggestions (and Lord, I'm really wondering what he's going to pull out of the proverbial hat!).
so that's that I guess.

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