Thursday, August 03, 2006

thursday things

nak, so this may be scrambled. lol!

thanks for all the pic love! I adore seeing the changes, but of course I realize how dang fast its going to go. *sniff*
he's been good today and hardly any spit up til tonight. I think hewas making up. :p
he slept well again last nite, a 5 hr , wake 1, then 4 hr stretch. he's going to get me used to this then flay me one night w/ a growth spurt!

hunter's had a fever the past 2 days. poor little guy has been really well behaved. lol!! he fell asleep rigfht after dinner tonite for a nap even. H, a nap?? wow!

the kids and i went to walmart for groceries by ourselves again today. glad I took the carrier in cause G2 likes it and not being in the travel system when he's tired and cranky. we made it thru fine tho.
the kids are amazed cause thry're remodeling our walmart (finally) so depts are being moved around and they think its cool. lol!

hey, the extreme home makeover team is in our area! remember in april when the tornadoes hit the area south of us? well, one of the families are getting the MO. you can read about it here:
the reveal is tomorrow. we'd go, but you have to be there by 12 to take the shuttle and then wait @ 3 hrs til taping. they said no one is allowed to come or go once taping starts. so we'll just watch it on tv. and i dont think the article says it, but during the tornado, the mom covered her2 boys w/ her own body and her back was broken by fallen bricks. she's paralyzed from waist down now.

I fixed a great dinner tonite! spaghetti, tortellini, garlic bread, salad and fried onions, cucumbers and mushrooms. go me! LOL!!

and we've got another darn mouse. twinkie lays in front of the stove to listen for it.

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