Wednesday, August 30, 2006

leaving marks already

school went well today. I'm glad to say we're right on track right now and C and K have finished thier first book tests today. a couple more will be done next week, so I'm feeling good! :woo: (Gavin is in different books).

I finally got my hair colored tonight. LOL! was looking pretty rough as the last time I colored it was right before Garrett was born! :eek: yeah, can we say inverted skunk look? :lol: I gotta look spiffy for the reunion this weekend though. :D and Lordy, while speaking of my hair, it's falling out by the mountains! especially when I wash it. tonight I got a whole huge handfull of hair out of the shower! that's not even what I brushed out afterwards. good thing I've gone through this before or I'd be worried! :lol:

Garrett was a grouch again today. I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm wondering if he's a diaper snob. ?? he's always fussy when I use cloth diapers (though yesterday wasnt so bad). I know, silly thing to wonder, but it does seem to coincide. tomorrow will be disposie day since we'll be grocery shopping, so we'll see how he does. course he'll be in different surroundings too. ah well.

made an awesome country dinner tonight! breaded porkchops, mashed taters, gravy, green beans w/ bacon and big ol biscuits! YUM!! Robert was all over it and thanked me for making such great tasting chops! :D Love those dinners! I'm in the hankering for fried chicken too, so may pick me up some chicken tomorrow. or may get a whole fryer and just bake that sucker! YUM!!

hilarious Garrett story! ya'll know how he LOVES daddy's shoulder, well, last night he was there and while hanging out, gave daddy 3 HICKIES!!!! 0 0 it's SO funny looking cause its right above his collar bone and they're DARK marks!!!0 told dh that Garrett had better suction than I did!! 0 I even wrote it in Garrett's journal so we can embarrass him about it when he's older. hehehe!!!!

oh, my ebay auctions went great! I made $50 today! WOO!! I've gotta buy some ink for my printer, but all the rest is going to our first 'Ramsey bill snowball'! Cant tell you how glad I am to be working towards not scraping by each week! we've also agreed that if either of us want to buy anything over $20 we have to agree with each other. (course doesnt count for things like gas and food, duh. LOL) so that'll help keep us in track too. buckling down, pay stuff off! I'm enjoying my Total Money Makeover book too. havent gotten as far as I'd like since a lot of my time is well, BUSY, LOL, but I'm enjoying it and it's giving me a pep talk already. good stuff!

I guess that's it. I think there was more I was going to blab about, but forgot. :-)

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