Tuesday, August 15, 2006

2m check today and other stuff

today is Garrett's 2m check up! I'm not looking forward to the shots, but eager to see how much he weighs! I know how long he is and how big his head is (can measure those myself) but since I don't have a baby scale and weighing him on ours is only a round about thing (it says he's 13 lbs) we'll know for sure today.

he peed all over our bed this morning. course its my fault cause I should have changed him at some point during the night, but dang if he doesn't HATE to have that done during the nighttime. hearing him scream and holler at 4 am is not my cup of tea.

katlyn is still not up to snuff. no fever now, but lots of headaches and stuffy noses and chapped lips. since she'll be with us today, I'm going to ask the dr if they'll take a peek at her (w/o charging ) just to make sure it's nothing I should worry about or get stronger meds for.

today is the last day the 'good' consignment store will be open. *boo!* I'm hoping to stop in and see if I can find anything else or to pick up some good hangers. she let me have a bunch of plastic baby hangers the last time I was in.

oh, I've already gotten G2's 2m pics taken here at home. got his footprints and even a handprint in his baby book for this month too. his foot has really grown during this last month! He can already wear a size 2 shoe cause I've got a pair of cute Dockers for him in size 2 and they'd fit fine, they just look so clunky on his legs. plus no reason for him to wear them, unless to go with a cute outfit to church or something. oh well.

OH, speaking of THAT! I was out with the baby last week... where was I?...maybe Wal-Mart... not sure. but anyway, he was in his carseat, so I was toting it around (must not have been Wal-Mart-anyway) I was behind this couple who were probably in their 40's and the wife turned and cautioned the hubby to watch out cause there was a baby behind him (he was bending over checking something out). so he turns around and awes "oh, a baby!" then says "with no shoes" (in a *tsk tsk* sort of voice) and they move on.

ok, for one BIG MAJOR thing, the child was only 7 weeks old and SURE aint walking/crawling and such. WHY use shoes???
PLUS its a freaking 100 degrees outside!! geez. stupid people get on my nerves.
that just struck me and I wanted to share it last week with ya'll, but forgot.

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