Friday, August 25, 2006


good yard sale vibes! I was able to find G2 5 new 6-9m sleepers today! most are gerber, but a couple carters. the carters run longer, so he'll get to wear them much longer. the 6-9m gerbers should at least last til the end of september at his current rate.
also found one 2pc shorts set for him 6m size, some cuuuuuuute velcro on crib shoes, a bunch more bibs and burp towels (considering how many we go thru). got me a new fall shirt, a big box of curity nursing pads, big bags of toddler/baby spoons, cookie cutter and a lot of other kitchen gadgets, blues clues shirt for the boys (a 'steve' shirt), a new winter coat for K and a nice dress shirt for her. a beautiful spiderman button down I'm saving for C's bday next month...and I think thats it. I spent about $10 in all.

could have gotten an awesome exersaucer for $8, but just dont have the room or the want for one yet. I wish I could find a used bumbo! sure that wont happen in this area tho.

dh is working in the pits at our local tractor pull tomorrow, so I may go in town again to see the saturday sales. nuttin else to do otherwise. :P

I made mexican for dinner, and my gosh am I stuffed!!! plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too! cool!

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