Tuesday, August 15, 2006


had a good checkup today (besides the shots which totally broke my heart ). Garrett did so well, laughing at the nurses and not peeing on anyone (which he peed on me again after we got home : twice in one day, we have a record!)

Garrett is 13.4 lbs, 24 1/2" long and his head is 16". my growing boy!

the dr said he went from the 50% at his 2 week check to the 80%/85% now. so he'll be a strapping boy just like my others (well, Canaan always topped off the charts, so I guess he was a boot-strapping boy LOL )

we did decide not to do any meds for his reflux right now. since he's gaining so well the dr isnt worried about it. but if he starts refusing to eat because of it then we'll take bigger measures. which is fine with me, cause we dont do medicines much here anyway.

did ask her about Katlyn and she thinks like I do that in about 3 or 4 more days it'll all be over. no fever, just the stuffiness is hanging around. made me feel better.

and for a big ol' GOD WAS WATCHING OVER US moment, I always say a prayer before we get on the interstate. did the same today of course. well, about half way down, there are two semis in front of us. the one on the inside lane (next to the median) starts billowing smoke from the tires! the truck next to him start slowing down drastically and so do we. then we see what he was trying to stop for: a fully loaded semi was careening through the median the WRONG way! thank God the truck that ran off the road was able to control his truck and was able to stay upright and bring himself to a stop (way after we got past though).
can you imagine the damage of 3 semis in front of us colliding? we were behind the one on the outside lane a couple of car lengths. scarey!!!!!
Cant tell me God doesnt watch over. my mom said after that, that she felt the need to pray for protection today too. awesome huh?

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