Monday, August 21, 2006


I finally got my 6 week checkup done today. sure its a couple weeks or so late, but it's finally finished. Seemed everything was against me getting it completed for whatever reason. This was the 3rd time I'd had the appointment. I almost didnt get it done today too cause as I was almost there, I came upon an accident. Sat in a line of traffic that was a mile long. (seriously). and there wasnt any turn around and go around it without going around a whole 45 minutes or so to get to where I was going. so I waited it out. I was only about 20 or so minutes late for my appointment.
Garrett was the only one with me and he did well for me. He laughed at the Dr (to which Dr. P was impressed LOL) and cooed for the nurse. :) He didnt fuss over much either, nursing enough to keep him happy while he checked out the unfamiliar surroundings. ;)
After getting back to town, we were able to meet up with Daddy for Taco Bell dinner. Been forever since just he and I (well, you know, cant say Garrett took up much space) had a dinner out by ourselves! it was nice to sit and talk wtih each other. :)
After eating, he went to pick up the big kids at my parents house and I went home to feed the little one. and feed, and feed, and feed.
I think Garrett will be an eater like Canaan. He seems to just plain eat all the time! The fact that he gained 4 lbs last month should point that out. nickname of Pooh Bear and Piglet fit just fine with him! LOL!

his sleep patterns are improving well! He's up about once a night, usually around 4:30 am. he'll go back to bed w/in the hour and will sleep til around 6-9 a.m., just depends.
he wont generally nap overlong during the day. sometimes I can get a good hour or two nap out of him...sometimes. that's a rare thing really. usually he just cat naps through the day.

He's working on doing raspberries. :) he's almost got it figured out, making tons of bubbles in the process. he thinks raspberries are the coolest and funniest thing, I can always get smiles or laughs when I do that to him. ;)

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