Sunday, August 06, 2006

hello world

we just got back in a bit ago. we went to pick up G2's free pics we had done at olan mills. they turned out so cute! I'll get a scan or pic to share later. gotta get him up on the wall with the other babies too! then we returned two bathroom sinks that didn't fit the holes in our countertops. that much less to pay on. dh will be taking the pool back in a bit. it has a split in the seams of the side and bottom sections and we found that they've had several returned for the same reason. wish he'd never gotten the thing in the first place, but that's a whole 'nother gripe.

the ladies at church today were awing over G2 today cause he was coo'ing, laughing and such with them. couldn't believe he was doing that already. I don't remember when the 'average' is, but I don't think he's advanced on it. he's been 'talking with me' for a while now and ya'll know its been since he was 2 weeks that he was smiling and not long after that he was laughing. maybe that means he'll be a laughing/happy kid?
oh, he blew a half raspberry at me yesterday. he thinks its funny when you raspberry at him and he copied me. LOL! too cute!

today was Gavin's first day in 'big Sunday school' and he loved it! he got a new kids study bible, a pack of candy and 100 points to use in the kids 'store'. Hunter was quite upset when he realized Gavin was going to another class. he cried for a while but his teacher said he finally got into class.

ok, G2 is fed up with vegging and he's trying to pooh, so gotta close this up. LOL

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Bekki said...

So good to see you posting again!!
Things sound so great with you guys..I couldn't be happier!!