Sunday, August 20, 2006


took the kids to McDs. C stayed at my brothers to hang out, so just the youngest 4 with me. well, they happeend to have Ronald McD there so the two boys got a kick out of it. course they're smarter than the average bear and after greeting him nicely, we sat to eat and they started asking thing like "is that the real ronald?" "is that a wig?" "did he get paid to be here?" ( : ) and my fav observance "he IS wearing big red shoes..." LOL! so after eating we got some tiny free ice creams (just enough to make you mad LOL), said our goodbyes to Mr McD and headed out for more yard sales... but didnt find any more. oh well.

I did see my parents in town though. they traded in my moms chevy cavalier convertable on a chevy astro van! thi sis great news cause they hadnt had anything to tote all the grandkids in since they traded off the old van they had. the kids were super happy with it since they can all go riding with mamaw and papaw again.

after that came back home to clean and organize more. I think I'm having a nesting urge without being pg. LOL!! for the past week or so I've been in a CLEAN IT OR GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE mode! I've reordered my kitchen counter so it wasnt so cluttered, cleaned the top of the fridge (dh's territory), cleaned the bathroom counter clutter, cleaned the top of the pantry clutter and by george I'm eye-balling my desk next! there's a lot of other stuff I want to clear out.. OH, got the school book shelves and my teacher area too! I'd love to just turn the house upside down and just shake out all the unneeded stuff!

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