Thursday, August 31, 2006

good days

I should be carting my butt to bed, which I'll do in just a smidge. had a good day. kids got all their work finished before we went to the store (with a lot of grumbling of course LOL! ), Garrett was in a better mood today, I got a bit of laundry done, groceries bought as well. dinner was easy (chili dogs), and the weather is gorgeous!! *WOO!*
tonight, dh fixed up a place for me to put the jumperoo up for G2 outside on the porch! he loves being outside so he put up some wooden pieces that'll hold the jumper on the porch beams. I'll take him out tomorrow morning to see how he likes it! (couldn't do it tonight cause of the darned mosquitoes!) he absolutely loves 'standing up' and sitting up so I think he'll be crazy over this! :D this weekend we'll get the walker from my friend, so I'll let him be in that inside. might save me from holding him all the time.

we'll be leaving out Saturday morning for my dad's. we may stay til Monday. I should be able to check in while I'm there, but if you don't see me, that's where I'll be. :D

I had a free rental coupon from blockbuster so rented Twins (remember that one? Arnold Swarzenagger and Danny Divito). C hadn't seen it and we all ended up watching it tonight. they really liked it (and Canaan was very funny in telling me that "they sure don't look like twins!" LOL! ) but afterwards he was doing an Arnold impersonation and called him "Arnold Swarfmerger" :

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