Monday, August 28, 2006


not the greatest of days, but we made it thru.
I wonder if G2 is growing some more as during the day the past couple days he's been so cranky, eating like a horse and sleeping so much. it wears me out to say the least, cause I can hardly put him down without getting a crankopotomous on my hands.
I was quite frustrated today with it all. did get better after daddy got home (Garrett loves being with daddy!) and I was able to get dinner made and do some other stuff.
I did end up dumping a plate of spaghetti down the front of my shirt though. I took some shout to it and scrubbed it up and put it in the washer, so hopefully when I get it out tomorrow it'll not be stained. I'm talking it was over the whole front too. ugh.

I finally got in my Dave Ramsey book today! I'll get started on it as soon as I put the kiddo down for the night. I've got it figured out that we should have our first bill paid off by Oct. 13th.

I'm getting more stuff ready to list on eBay. some cloth diapers, old video games and baby clothes. might as well move it out and make some money (hopefully).

got new pics of g2 to post. he's been enjoying his tummy time even more w/ being able to keep his head a 90 degree angle and look around. a funny thing, the other night he was on the floor and I put his paci to his side where he was looking. well he was wiggling and squirming trying to get over to it. LOL! he kept looking at it, then would get busy moving, then look at it to see if he'd made any progress. he'll be on the move before I know it!

pulled out the cloth diapers today. I've had them out, but had only used them one day and he was such a crankybutt that I quit. LOL trying again now, but had to thin them out since he's outgrown most of what I had stored on the change table. some of the smaller stuff I'm just selling off to make room (and money ). this will slow the flow of buying diapers at least.

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DEBTective said...

Heidi ho, dollface. Just wanted to say that I'm happy as a clam to hear that you're reading Dave Ramsey's book. It's easy to absorb the material and it really shows you how to connect with your cash and deep-six your debt. Great job, babe!

BTW, your kids are cute as buttons.