Friday, July 21, 2006

today and yesterday

lets see, thursday I took all the kids to walmart for the first time by myself to get the shopping done. it went well actually. with the new stroller, I put G2s carseat in there and both young boys were in the cart. (gavin sorts my foods for me in the back ). we made it though and I was proud of myself!
also took everyone to lunch in town that day. we have a new eatery that on tues and thurs has a $2 burger and fries deal. it was good! handpatted 1/3 lb burgers with a full plate of fries, awesome deal! fed everyone for $11 (G and H share a burger and we had to pay for cheese ).

last night was canaan's last ball game. finally! Im so glad. they lost of course so I think he's ready to be done and get over this losing streak they've been in.

today was yard sale day! found a lot of yard sales and some good deals. got some new shirts for me (nothing over $1), a johnny jumper for G2 when he's older $3, some clothes for the 3 youngest (nothing over .50), carter's baby blanket that matches the carters onesies G2 has for .25, a box of johnson's disposable washcloths .10, little tykes tow truck .50, pokemon movie .25, a baseball light (saving for canaan's birthday) .50, spongebob tenni shoes for G 1.00, and K got some clothes from mom and I and she got to pick out a new MyScene barbie for $1 (even had clothes on LOL). so good shopping day! I know there were other things, but thats' the best.

canaan stayed home today to wait on papaw cause he went to the tractor pull with him today in chapel hill. he's not home yet, figure he'll be in before midnight.

katlyn was picked up about 7 tonight to go stay with her friend dana for her bday.

dh is off work tomorrow so not sure what we'll be doing. may hit the saturday yard sales.

still trying to hit more journals, I know I've not gotten to a lot.

off to bed while I can!!

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